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About Us

Who are we?

The Kalapuwa Sri Lanka Foundation was set up to achieve the objective as described elsewhere and, by means of a so-called ANBI registration, to also give the business community some better opportunities to sponsor.

Place of residence: Bunschoten-Spakenburg

President: Theo Mosch
Secretary: Martin Jacobs
Master of Finance: Ronald Blind


The wife of Nilantha, she takes care of us when we are in Sri Lanka and arranges, together with the social workers, the distribution of the school supplies to the disadvantaged children.


our first point of contact within the foundation, Nilantha knows everyone and everyone knows Nilantha. Join us and negotiate prices for us. Indispensable for us on the spot.


Wife of Theo Mosch our silent force behind all our activities both here and in Sri-Lanka.


Married to Kanishka, 1 of our English teachers. Our first point of contact via e-mail + financial reporting on site.


Son of Nilantha our first microcredit provider, very successful with his shop in phones and computers. Run our English school and our students that we support.

Theo Mosch

Theo Mosch, entrepreneur, father of 3 children and 7 grandchildren still very active in daily life. Started the Kalapuwa foundation in 2014 after having been on holiday in Sri Lanka and met our current representative (Nilantha) there. Returned to Sri Lanka 4 months later and set up the foundation in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka with the help of the local authorities (mayor, notary, lawyer).

Monique op de Weegh-Mosch

Monique op de Weegh-Mosch (1975) is the mother of three children, married to Jeroen and would like to leave the world a little nicer than she entered. Monique is an enthusiastic HRM business partner in daily life in the Netherlands and uses her connecting power, her pragmatism and people-orientation during her travels to Sri Lanka.

Paul Davenport

Paul Davenport (1947) is still in possession of his English passport. An artist who prefers to paint in his studio. Primary interests are Russian Iconography, Japanese art and the philosophy of life.