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Newsletter March 2023

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From 27nd.March to 9th. April Theo was back in Sri Lanka to continue work on the current projects. Although the situation in Sri Lanka is slowly improving inflation is approaching 50%. All goods being imported are expensive or are in short supply owing to a lack of foreign currency. In March the IMF decided, after some debate,  to grant a loan to Sri Lanka which should bring some relief. One example is the fuel costs which have tripled and supply is still sporadic. All residents have received a QR code which allows them to obtain 20 litres of petrol per week per vehicle. For a Tuk Tuk this is 5 litres per week.

Although Tourism is slowly returning it remains at only 40% of pre-corona levels. Much will have to be achieved to return to pre-covid normality.


Currently we are supporting 43 students who attend various schools and universities. These students are from poor families who would otherwise have no chance of furthering their education. Although most schools and universities are free, most of our students live at home and rely on public transport to attend their schools. We are able to contribute to these costs, for the purchase of  the required study books and a small contribution to meal costs. This relates on average to euro 40 per month (15.000 rupees). For some students living a long way from their schools and can have up to 6 hours travelling time it is necessary to fine suitable accommodation in the proximity of the university. We also cover these costs and a slightly larger amount for meals which relates on average to euro 75  (26.500 rupees) a month.

Life in such a hostel is pretty basic , 2×2 bunk beds so 4 students to a room, no chairs, cupboards or private space and shower and toilet facilities are shared with 20 others. The students remain on campus for the whole day with classes and study.

Three of the students we support

This is Udeshi, she is in her fourth year studying to be a doctor and she lives in one of the hostels with 3 other students.

This is Shehan, he is studying software development, has one year to go and complete his study with a 6 month work placement. He is studying in Trincomelee and also lives in a hostel. He proudly showed us his grades, of the 8 subjects he achieved 6 x A’s and 2 B+’s.

This is Nuwani, she is studying geography and hopes to complete her studies this year. Her grades were also fantastic and we have no doubt of her success. She would like to become a disaster manager for the government.


During each trip we make a point of visiting the prison. This time there were 8 children living in the prison with their mothers. Together with Ria and Rob (good friends) we first determined their needs and then went out to do some purchasing. We are deeply affected every time we are confronted with this situation and how the children live within the prison and being able to offer some tangible help is most rewarding.

Uniforms, satchels and school books

Once again we have been able to send 200 children to school by supplying them with uniform, satchel and school books and some children received new shoes as well. We do not make the selection of the children ourselves. This is organised by the local social worker on the Kalapuwa Peninsular together with two social workers from the nearby districts who have intimate knowledge of the poorest families in the area and they invite the children. The selection process is strict which allows us to be sure that only the most underprivileged children, who would otherwise not be able to go to school,  can be helped.

Meals on wheels

Under normal circumstances the meals are delivered to the homes but on this occasion we wanted to do something slightly different. This time we invited all those mobile enough to attend, to come and have a meal with us at the hotel on the beach. Socially important and well received. The request was made to make this a monthly occasion. The photo shows the people enjoying the meal at the hotel.

The Walikuku project

The Walikuku Project has now definitely started with our first two students,  Kavya and Dilsha starting on Jan.1st a six month work placement with a Dutch company. I talked extensively to both about their experiences so far and having the Team contact with their assignments has proved most successful. Language improvement and social environment understanding of a different culture has proved most beneficial. The immediacy of the Dutch approach has obviously taken some getting used to. Following the completion of their training they will have to return to the university to finish off their studies but are then assured of suitable employment.


Standard health care in Sri Lanka is is just too expensive for most people. If no money is available then they simply cannot go to the doctor. One of Nilantha’s friends is an internist in Colombo and has shown a great interest in the aims of the project and has assembled a  team of 5 doctors and 3 nurses who have made themselves available to spend one Saturday a month on the Kalapuwa Peninsula to hold free medical consultations for those people financially unable to access medical aid. This has been an enormous success and no less than 156 people have attended.

To show our appreciation we invited the doctors and nurses to a curry and rice meal at the hotel.

Book funds

One big problem is that the cost of school and text books has risen beyond all expectation. Two years ago a standard exercise book cost 120 rupees and is now 310 rupees. Children find themselves in the situation of not being able to afford exercise books for their lessons. Together with a number of sponsors and a sympathetic organisation here in the Netherlands we have established a Book Fund to help these children with a book packet for at least 6 months. Once again the children are indicated to us by the social workers and we have established a collection point and central administration.

Our super team in Sri Lanka

We are able to operate our projects  so successfully in Sri Lanka thanks to a fantastic local team. From left to right;

Kanishka: Our financial man who leads the group and organises the distribution of the school packets to the children.

Tharanga: English teacher at our school and first point of contact for all our students and the activities concerning the orphanages.

Nilantha: Our eyes and ears for all the projects in Sri Lanka.  He has an amazing network of contacts which open many doors for us.

Buddhima: responsible for the student administration and their go to person for computer questions

In October/November 2023 we will be back in Sri Lanka. If you would like to help and support us in any way this would be greatly appreciated.



Stichting Kalapuwa Sri-Lanka
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Newsletter March 2021

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Sri Lanka has also been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic. The island has been cut off from the world with the airport and harbours closed down restricting all tourist activities resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs. This has lead to poverty and misery on a grand scale.

Our Foundation has also been severely affected. The re-payment of Micro-Credits has proven to be all but impossible. We have been inundated with pleas for help including one of our most important concerns, the orphans at the orphanages who have been going through some difficult times. But, there is some good news…….

As you are aware we always look for the potential and try not to be affected by the limitations. Whilst having been unable to travel to Sri Lanka since March 2020, we would like to share with you some of the activities in Kalapuwa, Sri Lanka that have been possible from a distance.

New life

Firstly, wonderful news. Tharanga and  Kanishka ( Nilantha and Pryanthis’son) have brought a new life into the world, a daughter: Reha.

Tharanga is one of our teachers at the English School and Kanishka has a telephone shop. They are of great value to the Foundation.

Early in January they became the proud parents of Reha Ashvini Dhahamsa. We wish her a healthy and happy life.

School packets

In December 2019 with the special project, “Tikkie actie” “One child for a year to school” we were able to collect € 3000,-. During the early months of the COVID 19 pandemic all the schools in Sri Lanka were closed but as
soon as they were able to reopen the requests for ‘School Packets’ came flooding in.

A packet contains all the items a child needs to follow the lessons: atlas, mathematics box, excerise books and pens etc.. for varying age groups.  We were able to arrange 100 packets (total value euro 1000) and we were left with €2000,- which will be put to good use when we are next able to travel and oversie the purchase of new uniforms and school packets for the very poorest children.

Taking Pot luck

Thanks to the super initiatief from our friends Diederik Mutsaerts and Roy Bens a plan was lanuched (

The plan was to sell specially selected currys and recepies to fascilitate a truly Singhalese meal at home.
The financial results of this were aimed at providing sustainable meals for the boys at the Jayanthi orphanage.
Over 700 packets were sold enabling the Foundation to supply, a few times a week, three meals a day for 40 children. Vitally important to give these children some sort of nutritional security and normality in their lives.

Meals on wheels

One of the other projects which we have been able to continue is the “Meals on Wheels” service we set up for 20 elderly people living on the peninsular, with which we supply, twice a week, a cooked meal. Thanks to a annual donation from another helpful Foundation this will be the thrd year that we have been able to keep this going. This help is greatly valued by the local community.


A serious problem for us is the monthly payments made to our 25 students who are mostly studying , at , or for, the University in Colombo. We support them with funds for books, transport costs, daytime meals, and where needed a little extra for supplimentary workshops and other school activities. These payments are made possible by the micro-credit repayments. And this is the huge dilema at the moment, as almost all the repayments have stopped due to Covid and the economical crisis. Noone is earning any money and what they do have is required for food.

We fully understand the situation but cannot leave our students in the lurch. But as we cannot be there is person it is a difficult situation to manage. It is important that we speak to them
personally and in the meantime will do all we can to assure them of our continuing support and to have a good feedback from them as to their requirements.

We are delighted that a number of sponsors have presented themselves to support individual students in their accedemic pursuits. We do not want to dissapoint any student if it is humanly
possible and this development has been most gratefully received. We will keep you up to date on the developments.

A note of sade news

Wheras we started this news letter with an announcement of new life, we must end with the sad news of the death of Dietrich Ebert. A great friend to the Foundation and to Sri Lanka from Germany.

Dietrich made a request that no flowers be given at his funeral but rather a donation be made to the Foundation Kalapuwa. A wonderful and touching gesture which has resulted in our being able to continue our English School ( 4 locations) project throughout 2021. This means that more than 150 children will be able to have at least two lessons a week, thereby greatly enhancing their prospects in life.

We are deeply indebted to Dietrich and his wife Uschi.

In this newsletter we have attempted to bring you up to date with our activities in this difficult COVID year. If we can help with any questions of suggestions you may have please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Once we have all been vacinated we will be back in the air. A promise.

Hartelijke groet,

Namens Stichting Kalapuwa

Theo, Paul en Monique

Stichting Kalapuwa Sri-Lanka

kvk: 61002550
iban: NL04RABO0190466855
ANBI nr: 8541.59.861
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Newsletter January 2020

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From the 14th. to 25th. January 2020 Theo Mosch and Paul Davenport returned on behalf of the Foundation Kalapuwa to Sri Lanka. This time accompanied by two entrepreneur friends Diederik Mutsaerts and Roy Bens. This was an exceptional trip for all four and together they achieved much. An impression of the activities:

165 children to school

We are incredibly grateful for all the donations made to the “tikkie “promotion in December 2019 which has resulted in our being able to send almost 300 children to school for a year.
In January we arranged for 165 children to have a new school uniform, satchel and school-set. A fantastic result and in April we will be able to give the same to the next group .

Group Micro-Credits

As you will be aware one of our latest initiatives is the establishment of micro-credit groups under the auspices of Mr. Mangale Asoka, a local social worker. We are delighted to be able to report that a second round of 6 groups has been established and will be in operation by 1st.February 2020. Worth noting is the fact that all the groups are entirely composed of women and we appreciate the idea that this is aiding the female emancipation in Sri Lanka.
To give you an idea: this is group Fros BV (group 7) and the women receive a group-credit to buy and produce herbs, garment fabrics, a grain milling machine and tools for the repair and maintenance of Tuk Tuks. They are collectively responsible for the monthly repayments and this system has proved itself by putting the onus on each individual to support the group, No interest is levied on the loan (unique situation in Sri Lanka) but we require that each group together, twice a year, undertakes to prepare and deliver a meal to the Boys’ Orphanage.
Photos of groups 8 to 12 will follow.

Women’s Union

We received an invitation to visit the Women’s Union. This is a fantastic local initiative from 150 women who each donate 70 rupees every month to help impoverished people to organise funerals for those too poor to pay for this themselves. They arrange for a tent and chairs to be brought to the house where another part of the group cooks a meal (customary in Sri Lanka). To our great surprise we were greeted by a large gathering of women eager to make our acquaintance. Not surprisingly the first question was could we supply a new coffee machine as the old one was broken. Cost approx. Euro 500. We have approached a charitable organisation well known to us in the Netherlands to help fund this.


In our last news letter we informed you of our gift of a violin to a young girl studying music. One of our loyal supporters , Maike Kramer-Heijnen, sent us a message that she would like to sponsor the gift. Many thanks Maike and Jan. On this trip we paid another visit to the girl and were pleased with her progress. However, a bigger problem is the overall health of the family. The Father is ill and the Mother can only work sporadically and the children are unable to attend school regularly owing to the cost of transport. In April we will make a return visit to see if we can help the family further.

And then this :

  • The repayments of existing micro-credits has, for the most part, suffered greatly as a result of the atrocious bombings last year. Many of those who had received a micro-credit loan are largely dependant on the Tourist Industry. No tourists – no income. Luckily the industry seems to be showing some improvement and signs of recovery. We sincerely hope so. We visited many of our people who are, in the main, optomistic about the future and we have allowed all some leeway in the repayments, at least until our visit in April 2020 when we will re-evaluate the situation.
  • Also during this visit we supplied 3 wheelchairs to people in need and 6 children were given bicycles so that they could go to school and avoid the public transport costs.
  • We accompanied our cook Nirmala on her ‘Meals on Wheels’ route that we had set up some time ago. Twice a week she cooks and delivers meals to 20 elderly and socially dependant people and we experienced the gratitude with which the meals were received. This is a great adition to our activities.
  • We encountered a major problem at the Boys’Orphanage.When we arrived it was apparant that the supply cupboards were empty as were the stomachs of the boys. This is a massive problem for which we do not have, as yet, a permanent and sustainable solution. This time we decided on direct action and filled a van with food stuffs and supplies (personally funded) which we took to the orphanage. A whole table full, but this will not last long with so many mouths to feed.

On the 22nd. April 2020 we will be returning to Sri Lanka. If you have any questions or suggestions, or are able to help us in any way, please get in touch.


On behalf of the Foundation Kalapuwa

Theo Mosch and Paul Davenport

Stichting Kalapuwa Sri-Lanka

kvk: 61002550
iban: NL04RABO0190466855
ANBI nr: 8541.59.861
Veenestraat 21
3751 GE Bunschoten Spakenburg

Newsletter June 2019

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Newsletter June 2019

On behalf of the Foundation Kalapuwa Theo Mosch and Paul Davenport were back in Sri Lanka from the 25th.June until the 5th.July 2019.

A short trip this time but during our last visit and because of the bombings we were unable to complete a number of items in the planning. It was necessary to make an extra visit to round everything off. We wanted to give our support in these difficult times and to make sure that plans made previously had been properly executed.

Group micro-credits

One of the new initiatives is to arrange micro-credits in group form under the auspices of Mr. Mangale Asoka, a local social worker. Previously we had announced that we intended to set up 12 groups, each group with a collective group-credit of Euro 1250. We are delighted to be able to rapport that 6 groups were up and running by June 1st. 2019. Worth noting is the fact that all the groups have only female participants which gives women’s emancipation in Sri Lanka a helping hand.

Proper agreements have been made with all the ladies and every month there is an obligatory meeting for all the participants to make the required collective payments.

The initiatives of these women are varied and include candle making, clothing manufacture and baking. One of the women has purchased an oven to bake snacks and cookies for special events and an other has now the ability to purchase material for her sewing business. Other women have started small shops at home or buy and sell small packets of herbs and spices. Great initiatives and we are proud of these women.

Our aim is to have the next 6 groups up and running by November 1st.2109. At the moment we have raised sufficient funds for 10.5 groups and are looking for sponsors for the remaining 1.5 groups.

Working together with the AGIO school

Following on from a meeting with Jaap Plugge we have been in contact with the Director of the AGIO Training centre in Kalutara. Jaap has been working for a number of years in Colombo and knows the Dutch sponsor and director of this project. The centre focusses on the proffessional trades such as welder, electrician, plumber and a/c tecnicician. The students study for one year and achieve the Certificate 3, then are placed in a work-experience job and finally another 6 months training. At the end of this the students have a Certificate 4 which is comparable with a MBO trade diploma in the Netherlands. We were informed that the number of potential students for the AGIO was insufficient . By working together we have now been able to introduce boys from the Orphanage and suitable boys from the Peninsula who are known to us, to the school intake procedure. The boys receive not only an education but also regular meals, books and school requirements, a uniform and RS 1300 ( euro 6.50) per month pocket money. When they are placed in a work-experience job they receive RS 12,500 per month. We are delighted to be able to have this coperation and it proves the point that by working together amazing things can happen and to put the right people in the right place.

These three boys have already been admitted to the AGIO school via the Foundation Kalapuwa.

All three have been given a bicycle by the Foundation to help them get to school.

School in the jungle

Sometimes your path takes you to a place where it is immediately obvious that a little help will go a very long way. We were shown the way to this small (20 children) school in the back of beyond. Nilantha took us there as he had been aware of it’s existence for some time and wanted to show us the desperate situation there.

After our first visit we arranged the purchase of books, school writing materials, chairs, games apparatus, the Singhalese board game ‘Garam’ and shoes and socksfor the children.
On our next visit we we will see if anything on a more permanent basis can be done do help the school. There were a lot of happy faces this time and not only the children but also the teaching staff.


This young girl came with her father to the hotel to ask us if we could purchase a violine for her. Our first reaction was that this was outside our normal remit but talking to them we realised that this was a very special little girl who was the only girl in her music class without her own violine. She is not only highly inteligent but also musically gifted. A violine would cost euro 45, we immediately arranged a visit to a musical instrument maker. She has had only ten lessons but we were impressed with her aptitude. This was one of those ‘feel good ‘moments and we, jokingly, told her that when she becomes a famous violinist she can pay us back. Who knows?

Special thanks

This time our special thanks are directed to the Matthijsen family from the Edel Collection in Bunschoten. Your help has resulted in a new computer location, new furniture and educational materials for the Koshena School in Payagale. This one of the poorest schools in the area and this help has had an enormous impact for the students and their education, especially with computer studies.

Everyones’ appreciation is now evident with the addition of a new plaque on the school wall.
We will be back in Sri Lanka in November 2019. If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to help the Foundation in any way, please get in touch with us.

Our sincerest best wishes and thanks,

On behalf of Foundation Kalapuwa
Theo Mosch and Paul Davenport

Stichting Kalapuwa Sri-Lanka
KvK: 61002550
ANBI: 8541.59.861
IBAN: NL04RABO0190466855
Veenestraat 21, 3751 GE  Bunschoten Spakenburg