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Humaitairian aid

The main focus of the Foundation Kalapuwa is on Education and Entrepreneurship. We believe that when investments are made in these principals that this will lead to a sustainable development in the area. We have intentionally limited our involvement to the area within the boundaries of the Kalapuwa peninsula. Inevitably, during our many visits to Sri Lanka to meet and make new friends and to follow the progression of our projects, we come into contact with many other elements of the society. Sometimes it is unavoidable that emotional situations outside our normal remit demand attention and with a minimal outlay we are able to offer help where no help would otherwise be forthcoming. This is the third element in our plan, Humanitaire Help.


We support two Orphanages mainly with educational projects and with workshops. Regular visits are made to women with small children who are serving terms of imprisonment.  Mobility for many physically handicapped  remains a problem and with gifts of wheelchairs and bicycles life may be made better for some. A new inovation is the introduction of a ‘Meals on Wheels’ service for the elderly. We do not wish to become involved with medication and medical assistance and we refer such requests to the local Red Cross.

Meals on Wheels

Boys Orphanage

Girls Orphanage

Wheelchairs and Tricycles