The Jayanti Childrens Home is an orphanage for boys that has endured a desperately difficult period in recent years. In 2013 it became evident that the previous administrator had abused children under his care. Because of this a number of the boys were transfered to five other orphanages. A few years ago Mr. Gumara took over the job of administrator and it is thanks to him that peace and regularity have once again been restored to the orphanage. The boys have returned home and Mr. Gumara has managed to raise funds and donations to further improve the facilities.

In 2018 we made the decision to help with what had become a dangerous situation with the roof to the dormitories partially collapsing. The major work has now all been completed and we are in communication with the local government to have the necessary approval to re-open the dormitories.

The Foundation has arranged for weekly lessons in English and mathematics to be given to the boys. These lessons are given in the Orphanage. During every visit we make to Sri Lanka we always take time for a call on Mr. Gumara to see if we can help any further and organise an afternoon for the boys with games, a meal together, dancing and small presents.