In 2014 only 45 of the 265 children on the Kalapuwa peninsula were going to junior school. Now this is nearly 100%. The reason for this was that every child wishing to attend school had to have;

  • A uniform
  • Suitable Shoes
  • A satchel
  • The necessary school implements (mathematic box, drinking cup, dictionary, atlas etc.)

Many parents were not financially in a position to purchase these items. The irony of this situation is that the school is free but without these items the children are not admitted.

How do we know who to help? We work closely with the welfare officers within the community and they supply the lists with names and our local project personnel check the list. This allows us to ensure that the items reach the most deserving.

The recent success of our special ‘tikkie’ action in the Netherlands ‘1 child for 1 year to school for Euro 27,50’ has helped us to make the claim that almost every child on the peninsula now attends juniorschool.

Whenever we are in Sri Lanka (April and November every year) we make a point of giving the satchel and contents to the children. The uniforms are made to measure by our own ‘Micro credit’ tailors and supplied to the children the week after they have all been measured.