In 2018 Foundation Kalapuwa started a pilot program to give extra nutritional support to elderly single people living on the Kalapuwa peninsula. We call this our ‘Meals on Wheels’ project.

Nirmala cooks, twice a week, a healthy meal for ten families ( twenty people) and delivers these to their homes.

The purchasing of the fresh ingredients is done by Nirmala  (rice, curry, vegetables, a little meat or fish and papdum). The meals are placed in special containers and delivered the same day, twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

The Foundation made a selection of twenty persons on the following criteria:

  • Older than 65
  • No further support from the children
  • No income or work

This allows us not only to have a social control on the less fortunate elderly but has given Nirmala a means of income. She has three children and her husband is unable to work and this initiative has given her a chance of working towards a better life.

This pilot program has proved to be a success and will be continued in 2019. We are particularly grateful to the Lameris Foundation for their generous donation which has enabled us to continue the project for 2019.

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